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Susan - "For the Guys"

In watching the videos for this online class, I was very inspired by the use of the galaxy motif and the skyline. I have combined them here in a bit different way, so that my galaxy is actually the sky, and the skylines are made using the "Mini Delight: Pretty City" stamp and die. I used various ombre ink combinations for the city skylines,

The frame for the scene is made using holographic cardstock that has a bit of a bluish hue to it to compliment the sky theme.

Embellishments for this are the "Awesome" word, using a blue/green iridescent cardstock, and small iridescent stars as well as some droplets of "Glam" paint which is sparkly.

In order for the Awesome word to stand out a bit, I stacked white die cuts behind it (which also helps it be "flush" with the stacked frames) and offset them just a little so there is a small "shadow" of white behind the word.

The skylines are also stacked. The ones that are toward the top are flush with the background cardstock, and as they go down the card, dimension is added by putting a cardstock die cut of the skyline behind them. The middle ones have one piece of cardstock behind them, and the bottom ones have two.

The cardstock piece that the scene is mounted on is an ombre cardstock with gold highlights, and the whole thing is mounted on a 4x8 inch slimline side-folding card.

Hope you like my creation. Thanks for the inspiration. I think this a fun card for a gentleman!

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